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Why The Sony Hack should win a reality Oscar for best supporting cast

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Workers remove a banner for The Interview from a billboard in Hollywood after Sony announced it canc

What internet marketer doesn’t love a brand NEW vertical to promote? What about a specific advertiser within the NEW vertical, all-your-own?
Imagine for a minute that there was a faux-film called “The Sony Hack.” It features real life actors, film execs, producers, investors, the FBI, an insane dictator (antagonist) and a couple of bestie, B-listed, potheaded actors (protagonists) and even the President of the United States. Let me be the first (I think…) to inform you this faux-film started about a week ago and has a run-time of approximately 1 month or so. What’s more exciting is YOU have the opportunity to experience this content as it happens, day by day, story by story, rumor by rumor. Would they not pay to see this? Hollywood has been searching for new entertainment options for years. They may have found the next BIG content format and as a digital marketer, I would love the opportunity to join the online marketing team and break new media ground. We could embrace the changing of the way we view, monetize, consume, market and appreciate new media opportunities. Welcome to the new frontier of Hollywood entertainment.
Look, I don’t want to condone the #SonyHack (hacking is bad) but I appreciate the film entertainment industry so much more now as a ‘reality entertainment outlet’ then I ever did as a basic consumer. There is REAL skin in the game now. My favorite sub-plot is how The Sony Hack shows you the degeneration of the elite into a sort of Jerry Springer Show for billionaires and Hollywood A-lister’s. Individually, I think we can all appreciate the actors in this beautiful mess and their roles e.g Mark Cuban, the irate Billionaire, Kim Jong Un, outlandish and reactive dictator, George Clooney, freedom fighter for free-speech and Adam Sandler, as Adam Sandler circa. 1995.
Role the credits. The full cast has been stellar so far. Let’s not forget to include the hard working cast members by updating their filmographies on IMDB. Maybe the academy could even consider some Oscar worthy performances in a new category. Let’s hope the academy takes note and the exciting new drama continues. Get your popcorn and Sour Patch Kids, and….action!!

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