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What Halloween means to many American males ages 18-59

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Sarcasm follows. Creep Alert!

Subway Restaurants, a quiet and community ‘thank you’ was to be expected. For over 20 years, your marketing campaigns have been some of the most effective but you really outdid yourselves this time. This commercial…your marketing department deserves serious credit for an advertisement that has the world buzzing. Why? You did what men cannot. We men aren’t supposed to really talk about our views on this topic but in a world diabolically stained with social media over-reaction, all pub is ‘good’ pub. Right? Thanks for the segue. You had the balls to message American women ages (18-49) with a socially viable reason for why they aren’t free to eat like normal ladies during October. Instead they should stripper-up for Halloween – and for this, males ages (18-59) are thankful.¬†How can they help it, its unfortunate biological programming. These males will never verbalize their gratitude for your commercial’s celebration of our October past-time but, just know, you must field the criticism. Its all yours to deal with and for this men thank you. #EatFresh

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