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Please don’t ruin my Super Bowl party this year

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I’m really looking forward to Super Bowl commercials this year.

However, I’m hoping we won’t be bombarded by politically charged ads. That was uncomfortable last year, right? Selling anger and division along party lines is an “engaging methodology” but when applied to advertising a product – I find it to be a “cheap alternative” to creativity. It doesn’t align with thee true craft of what we do as marketers.

It’s a party, right? The only arguments I want to be in on Super Bowl Sunday should surround the Patriots losing (no offense, my BOS friends…) and not awkward, ancient and complex social topics. That’s just no fun.

follow me now…what if there was one designated American media experience per year where we all call a truce! We could all just put down our guns, call off the dogs and take a breath while we watch multi-millionaires collect career threatening hits one-by-one. How bout that?

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