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Life saving confessions of a burned-out affiliate marketer

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They say one of the first steps to enlightening acceptance is simple confession. This is true in aviation too. I fly light aircraft and we operate with a location safety protocol called the 4 C’s. Climb, Communicate, Confess, Comply. One of the C’s is confession. When you make a  mistake you need to quickly confess (to yourself and to the others around you) you need help, as you may be lost. Perspective can be difficult when you are lost. You may start making excuses based on bad data and may start telling yourself things like “I know where I am, iv’e done this before, I always make it back safely.”  The lingering problem is that when you’re lost you can be in immanent danger. A mountain on your nose or other aircraft right above you. So confession is a safe bet for getting you back on your flight plan.

How does this relate to burned-out performance marketing? Moreover, how does this relate to this Fight Club video and the confession of consumerism? It doesn’t really. I just like this excerpt about being burned-out on an obsession with junk and caught up in social media hype (my personal allegory for consumerism).

I have spent much of the last 8 years focusing on social media hype. Targeting the intense needs users have – to feel like they are apart of some non-cohesive “IN” crowd. This targeting has lead me to a lot of success in performance marketing. As of late, this marketing tactic has become increasingly more difficult to monetize with the level of saturation of the space and the overall competition. As well, its become more of a technical game and less creative. I never signed up for that. So I trudged though work totally burned-out. That’s no way to market for clients and certainly no way to live.

I would encourage any burned-out affiliate marketer or digital marketer to confess. Confess to needing a change. You will find you will be freed up to expand to new, fresh digital marketing avenues which offer more professional satisfaction in the end. Client satisfaction will become a new obsession. Your new found energy will translate into revenues. The transition to marketing for direct clients worked for me and I’m sure, if you are in the same spot, it will work for you.


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