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0 Ways your Political Postings on LinkedIn will Help your Career

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Thanks to Trump, political opinion postings on LinkedIn have increased (I’m guessing, marketing expertise engaged..) and we are all charged up.

Are these political opinion pieces advantageous for your career?

My take: Know your audience!

While I’m all for the spirit of non-censorship and the 1st amendment…come on, can you actually have a genuine political conversation among work colleagues, potential clients/customers, future co-workers? Do you really think that you can have an objective argument/discussion filled with polarizing politics, religion (as you define it) and social controversy with people you work with?

If you say YES, you aren’t being honest. Matter of fact, you’re disillusion.

Let me refer you to the 2016 election exit polling and 2 years of sophisticated national polling by the most trusted agencies on the planet. 99% got it very, very wrong. Why?
There were an absurdly high % of Trump supporters who wouldn’t admit their preference due to fear of ridicule. That was real-life! I’m not talking about you on InstaFan or SnapFace with someone messaging you about Obama’s FAILED economy and you begrudgingly agreeing – just to be nice. I’m talking about real-life, in person, shame-filled, awkward lying.

Here’s a common example of workplace fakery:

Your Trump supporting boss says to you “our business will greatly increase revenues via our new tracking app for lap dogs – all thanks to Trump’s policies on corporate tax decreases” and you say “yeah, lower taxes…that’s the best thing for our lap dogs” but you’re really thinking how much you hate Trump’s rhetoric on the environment and big business. But You agreed anyway, like most people, to avoid conflict. You weren’t genuine in real life because you don’t have the wherewithal to lose your business relationship over politics on the interwebz.

Here’s the bottom line:

Linkedin is supposed to be legit, sober and work related, right? Just do all that political stuff on Fakebook where your mom and grandpa can ‘like’ it and reply back about your baby pictures.

Social media is inherently disingenuous. It’s fake. Its passive-aggressive. It’s useful. It’s Inclusive. It’s safe.
Polarizing a workplace and your career is a zero sum game. If you want fake canned responses on Linkedin, keep posting politically charged pieces but remember, most people can’t/won’t actually say what they really think, it’s just an unfortunate social media charade. Let’s keep it kosher.

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