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Direct Sales Generation

Profitable direct sales are a product of successful online marketing, branding and advertising. We will evaluate your online marketing process with a 'step by step approach' to optimize your users online sale experience (UI/UX).

Search Marketing Innovation

How do you reach users who don't know to look for you? We provide more than just SEO. We produce search options across multiple platforms where your market would likely find you, both local and abroad.

Maximized Paid Ads

Experience in media buying acquaints us with the challenges of competition. We are experts at maximizing advertising budgets around a measurable marketing strategy and provide our clients with the advantage of experience in successful and effective media buying.

Mobile/Social/Web Development

We develop online environment which best suit our client's marketing strategy. We have extensive experience in creating sales funnels which convert potential target users while maintaining branding excellence.

Direct Sales Conversion
Lead Generation
Social Media Marketing
Paid Advertising

About Me

Hi, thanks for making it below the fold of sharp little website. As a 7 figure revenue source, I have spent most of the last 12 years working in digital marketing for some of the most recognizable online brands and startups. Just a little about me – I’m a product of techy Irvine, CA and much of my youth was immersed in the digital growth of the 90’s. At 12 years old, my passion was computers. At 15 years old, I was a sysop of a BBS (pre-internet website) in the Washington Beltway area. At 17 I went on to college and studied social sciences, as that seemed to fit my personality. I went into sales after college and excelled among my peers. I didn’t yet know my true business potential would be realized in a collective of my youngest life experiences. Internet + Social + Sales = dynamic & innovative online marketer with a track record which speaks for itself.

Performance Marketer + Consultant + Online Business Adviser

I enjoy working with creative, forward-thinking, entrepreneurial clients. I would love to hear your online growth ideas. Contact me to Schedule your 1st Consultation.